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Spendthrift Trust and Protection of Children

 Posted on October 21, 2022 in Estate Planning

kendall county trust lawyerWhat is Spendthrift Protection?

Spendthrift protection is the benefit provided to a trust that protects a beneficiary’s inheritance from a beneficiary’s creditors such as a divorcing spouse or a creditor such as a credit card provider or a business lawsuit or a mortgage foreclosure among other creditor issues.

One of the primary benefits of a spendthrift provision is to protect a beneficiary from their themselves. Spendthrift also is putting restrictions on a person’s inheritance with the primary intent to protect their child or children from their immaturity or lack of fiscal management skills. 

Spendthrift language in a trust is required to protect a beneficiary’s inheritance from their creditors. This type of language is called a “Spendthrift Trust” or “Spendthrift Provision.”  Parents often desire to protect young adults (21 to 25 years of age) or with serious disability issues from themselves. A beneficiary may not be technically disabled, but parents desire to protect their loved ones from themselves. Spendthrift language provides asset protection for a trust beneficiary because their inheritance may not be assigned, encumbered and/or alienated in any way (or similar language). 

Protections of a Spendthrift Trust

A beneficiary of a living trust or otherwise known as an “inter vivos trust” or “revocable living trust” have spendthrift protection when this paragraph of a trust agreement is drafted into the living trust. The spendthrift protection employed in a trust agreement must be irrevocable. Irrevocable means that the trust makers must have deceased (or became incapacitated) and they cannot revoke the terms of the trust agreement.

On the contrary, a revocable living trust with the trust makers still living are subject to creditor’s concerns because a revocable living trust is like owning property or assets in one’s personal name. Thus, the difference between a revocable and irrevocable trust in this instance is the fact that the trust maker cannot revoke or amend the terms of their trust. A gift in a trust becomes irrevocable upon their parent’s death (or the creator of the trust or otherwise known as a “Trust Maker.”

A spendthrift provision helps a beneficiary against the following creditors:

  • A divorce or dissolution of marriage action brought by a spouse of a beneficiary that is inheriting under the terms of a trust

  • A creditor such as a credit creditor, a bank (for breach of a promissory note or mortgage); and/or a judgment creditor from a business lawsuit, a car accident and/or a civil or criminal judgment

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