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Even though it may not be a pleasant idea to consider, everyone should take the time to think about what they want to happen after their death. By leaving instructions for their family members, a person can help their loved ones avoid confusion and uncertainty, and they can also make sure their wishes regarding different issues will be followed correctly. There are multiple options for creating legal documents that will provide these types of instructions, and one of the key issues that will need to be addressed in a person's estate plan is the creation of their last will and testament.

Gateville Law Firm understands the complex emotional and financial issues that families may need to address during the estate planning process, and we are dedicated to helping you navigate these concerns and put the proper plans in place. We can advise you on what you will need to consider when creating a will, and we will make sure your documents will be legally valid while fully detailing your wishes and ensuring that your family members can avoid disagreements about what you would have wanted.

The Importance of a Last Will and Testament

A last will and testament is one of the key estate planning tools that will address issues related to a person's death. A will is a legal document that sets out how a person's assets should be distributed to different beneficiaries after their death. Having a will can make things much easier for loved ones who are left behind. Without a valid will in place, state intestacy laws will detail how assets may be divided, based on percentages, between a person's spouse, their children and/or grandchildren, or other family members. This can result in uncertainty about who should receive what assets or how property should be valued and divided.

When creating a will, a person can provide detailed instructions about who should receive which assets. This can help them provide financial assistance to loved ones who need it, while also making sure that important items with a sentimental value will go to those who will truly value them.

A will may also provide instructions related to a person's minor children. Parents will want to make sure their children will be cared for, raised in a loving home, and provided with the resources they need, no matter what happens. To ensure that these issues will be addressed properly, a person may use their will to nominate someone that they want to serve as the legal guardian of their children in the event of their death. The will may also state that the guardian or another party will be responsible for managing assets that will be distributed to their children, ensuring that this money and property will be used to meet children's needs and provide them with the resources to succeed after they reach adulthood.

To ensure that their wishes will be carried out correctly, a person will name someone who they want to serve as the executor of their estate. The executor will be responsible for managing the person's assets after their death, paying outstanding debts and taxes, and overseeing the distribution of their property to their beneficiaries. By naming a trusted loved one as their executor in their will, a person can have the assurance that matters related to their estate will be handled properly.

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If you need assistance with estate planning, Gateville Law Firm can help. Our experienced estate planning lawyer can advise you on what should be included in your will, and we can ensure that all of your estate planning documents will meet your needs and protect the interests of you and your loved ones. Contact us today at 630-780-1034 to schedule a free consultation. We provide estate planning services at a flat fee to 99 percent of our clients.

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