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The purchase and sale of commercial real estate can be a complicated endeavor. However, the potential for revenue through an investment property or another addition to a real estate portfolio can make it a profitable venture. To help navigate the commercial real estate process, you need a law firm that knows all relevant issues, will fight to protect your interests and give you the attention and dedication you deserve. At Gateville Law Firm, our experienced and knowledgeable attorney will provide you with high-quality representation whether you are buying or selling commercial real estate.

Issues to Consider During a Commercial Real Estate Sale in Kendall County

Commercial real estate transactions have additional factors that can add complexity, and an experienced real estate attorney can take the extra steps necessary to make your deal succeed. Purchases, including those of vacant property and multi-unit building real estate, require attention to detail and knowledge of the obstacles that must be overcome. Our attorneys will provide you with the assistance you need throughout the process, including:

  • Performing due diligence on the property – When a commercial property is purchased, there are fewer protections in place for the buyer. Therefore, a full review of property documents is required to get a complete picture of what you are purchasing and uncover any defects or problems that were not disclosed. Only once this due diligence is completed should the purchase go through.
  • Land use and other regulations – In addition to the property review itself, it is essential to understand what regulations regarding land use, environmental protection, and zoning ordinances the property is subject to. We can also uncover any past or ongoing history of code violations and whether the property has any outstanding property taxes or liens placed against it.
  • Reviewing existing lease agreements – To understand the agreements of the current tenants of any commercial property, a full review of the existing leases must be completed before the sale. This will allow for the transfer of ownership of the leases from the seller to the buyer at the closing.
  • Paperwork, including agreement and contract preparation – Real estate transactions of any type involve copious amounts of paperwork, and this is especially true for commercial properties. Often, there are different types of legal entities involved in the purchase and sale as well. We can review and negotiate all necessary contracts and other paperwork during the purchase process and in preparation for the closing.

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, our attorneys will prepare the documents needed for the closing upon the completion of due diligence, document review, paperwork preparation, and other property reviews.

In addition to the services above, Gateville Law Firm knows the best ways to protect your real estate assets and minimize your personal liability exposure. This can be beneficial if you are looking for assistance in estate planning or asset protection. We can offer our clients strategies that go beyond a simple real estate transaction through tax planning strategies and other real estate tools, such as 1031 exchanges and asset purchase agreements.

Trust a Kendall County Lawyer for Commercial Real Estate Transactions

For trusted guidance and strong representation for your commercial real estate transaction, you can trust the attorneys of Gateville Law Firm. Our highly experienced law firm will work with both buyers and sellers of commercial properties from the initial paperwork right through to closing to ensure that all issues are addressed, you are well-informed throughout the process, and no legal hurdles will stand in your way. Call our office today at 630-780-1034 or contact us by email to take the next step. We are proud to handle commercial real estate transactions in Plainfield, Somonauk, Kendall County, Sandwich, Aurora, Bristol, Oswego, Yorkville, Plano, Will County, Grundy County, DeKalb County, Joliet, and the surrounding area.

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