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Real estate legacy planning coordinates estate planning, asset protection, and real estate transactions to meet the needs of real estate owners, including real estate investors or owners of vacation properties. Most real estate attorneys fail to understand the big picture involving business structure planning, asset protection, and estate planning. Here at Gateville Law Firm, we have extensive experience assisting real estate investors and property owners and helping them coordinate their business structure, asset protection, and estate planning goals into a comprehensive strategy. Most estate planning attorneys fail to grasp real estate law, and therefore, real estate legacy planning meets the needs of real estate investors and real estate owners.

Asset protection is vital because recessions, death, taxes, and lawsuits can threaten the economic vitality of families that own investment assets in residential and commercial real estate. Devising a specific plan to address the gaps and shortfalls of real estate owners is where Gateville Law Firm focuses its practice. In our experience, real estate investors often improperly structure their business enterprises by placing their properties in their individual or joint family names or placing multiple properties under one LLC. Furthermore, most estate plans fail to coordinate the real estate owner's goals with their unique estate planning needs.

At Gateville Law Firm, we focus on Real Estate Legacy Planning, including the following:

  • Real Estate Asset Protection - We advise real estate owners on their proper business structure and asset protection goals by utilizing LLCs, land trusts, and other techniques to protect one's property interests.
  • Establishment of LLCs - We help real estate owners structure their limited liability companies to properly protect real estate properties by separating properties into separate LLCs and coordinating these strategies with land trusts when appropriate or desired.
  • Estate Planning - We coordinate a family's estate planning objectives with their asset protection and wealth preservation legal needs. Often, a living trust must be coordinated with LLCs, land trusts, and other estate planning objectives for families that have investments in real estate assets.
  • Real Estate Legacy Planning - We help provide a family with real estate legacy and succession planning by passing one's investment and vacation properties in a manner that minimizes or eliminates estate taxation, real estate taxation, capital gains taxation, and probate concerns.
  • Business Structure and Use of Holding Companies - We help real estate investors and property owners understand how to best place real estate assets beyond the reach of creditors and away from the concerns of lawsuits, recessions, and probate and death concerns. Tax planning is often required coupled with asset protection, business structure planning, and estate planning. Unlike most lawyers, our law firm has the knowledge and experience needed to advise you and your family on how to utilize a holding company that maximizes asset protection by setting up Series LLCs and other asset protection and real estate strategies to maximize asset protection and profitability.
  • Real Estate Closings and Deed Preparation - We assist with residential and commercial real estate closings, including deed preparation to place real estate properties into LLCs and land trusts. Land trusts are important for privacy, asset protection, and estate planning.

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If you have questions about real estate legacy planning or real estate law, we are happy to assist you with your estate planning, asset protection, and real estate transactions. Whether you have residential or commercial properties, our law firm provides exceptional guidance for real estate owners in the Kendall County and Yorkville areas such as Bristol, Aurora, Montgomery, Plainfield, Joliet, Oswego, Sandwich, and Morris. Contact us at 630-780-1034 to learn more about our services.

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